The AIDA dancing shoes:
Сергей Сурков
Sergey Sourkov Russian professional champion
Марат Гимаев и Алина Басюк
Marat Gimaev and
Alina Basiouk
Аллан Торнберг
Allan Tornsberg Denmark


I started to dance in the shoes used shoes of others, and finally came to the conclusion: in Russia make the best shoes — it’s "Aida".

We are proud that these shoes are produced in Russia!
Aida shoes — for perfection!
Aida - best shoes in the World! I recommend 138 STEFANO. This model designed by Aida company together with me.
I want to reiterate the high quality performance shoes, pleased with the additional panel covers the seam in the center bottom. Great feeling, convenience, and as a result, a higher accuracy of hitting the notes the organist :) Thank you! Sincerely, the winner of International and Russian competitions, a staff organist at the Cathedral in the largest organ complex of the Russian Federation (Kaliningrad), the author of the international organ projects, Evgeny Avramenko