The AIDA dancing shoes:
Сергей Сурков
Sergey Sourkov Russian professional champion
Марат Гимаев и Алина Басюк
Marat Gimaev and
Alina Basiouk
Аллан Торнберг
Allan Tornsberg Denmark

How to make order

How to make order

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How to make order

To make shopping at you should do the following steps:

  1. Add goods to the shopping basket;
  2. Register in our shop;
  3. Make an order.

You can edit contact information and delivery address in the “Private section”. In this section you will be shown your order status.

We do not accept the credit cards.

You can pay for the ordered goods by payment to account we send to your e-mail after receve of order.

Using the shopping basket

To make a purchase in our shop you should click the “buy this model” button (for shoes) or the “buy this good” for the ordinary goods. When you click a “buy” button, you will be shown the description of the good. To purchase the good you should add it to the shopping basket. For ordinary goods you should click the “make an order” button.

As for the shoes ordering it is necessary to chose first the characteristics of the shoes you need: fabric, size, heel, plenitude and other features. The final cost of the shoes will be calculated on the basis of all selected features. (Some fabric is more expansive that the other ones, also the price of the shoes depends on the size.)

After choosing all the features, click the “checkout” button at the bottom of the page. You will be shown the final price of the model with the features chosen. If you agree with the price, click the “make an order” button.

If you have already registered in our shop, when you click the “make an order” button, you will pass into the shopping basket. If you are not registered you will be offered to register.

When you put a good to the shopping basket you can continue shopping or you can send an order. If you continue shopping you can return to review your list in the shopping basket at any time by clicking on the link “shopping basket” To remove a good from the shopping basket you should click on the link “delete from the basket” next to the good which you want to remove.

If you want to remove all the goods from the shopping basket, i.e. to clear it, click the “clear” button at the bottom of the page/

To change the quantity you wish to order, simply put down the desired quantity of good in the quantity box and click the “update” button at the bottom of the page.

To make an order

If you want to order the goods which are in your shopping basket, click the “send the order” button. Once you submitted your order it will be sent to our shop and then it will be delivered to the address mentioned in your “private section” You can see the information about all your orders (current order or already paid orders) on the page of “private section”, by choosing the “order history” section.

“Private section”

After authorization on the web-site you will be admitted not only to add goods to the shopping basket, but also to the information of your “private section”, exactly to the “private info” and the “order history” pages.

On the “private info” page you can change the following data:

Last name, first name, e-mail address, phone number, delivery address. Also you can change the password.

On the “order history” page the list of all your orders is displayed – order date, order amount and order status.

When you click the “order date” button you will be shown the detailed information about your order.

Delivery by post within Russia

Delivery time by post averages 2-3 weeks, but sometimes it may exceed. Delivery costs depend on the weight and the postal dues.

Delivery by post to other counties

Delivery to the other countries is possible by international post. For such delivery the prepayment is necessary. Delivery costs depend on the weight and the postal dues. Delivery time averages from two to three weeks.

Refund of sum and guarantee

We give the guarantee for the shoes we made for one month from the purchasing date. Having this guarantee you may get the repair service for free during the period of validity. Exchange of shoes and repayment are possible in case if the shoes are in a good condition. In case of prompt production the repayment is carried out at the rate of an ordinary cost of shoes without taking an urgency of production into consideration. In case of exchange of shoes when delivering by post, the refund is carried out without postal costs.