Aida, dance shoes


Backcloth: Back E / Back T
Heel: Heel Flarel 5cmP(2'P) / Heel Flarel 6,3cmP(2,5'P) / Heel Flarel 8cmP(3'P) / Heel Flarel 9cmP(3,5'P) / Heel Flarel New 5cmPN(2'PN) / Heel Flarel New 6,3cmPN(2,5'PN)(standart, For ballroom) / Heel Slim 5cm(2') / Heel Slim 6,3 cm(2,5') / Heel Slim 8cm(3') / Heel Slim 8,5cm(3,2') / Heel Slim 9cm(3,5')
Sock: Sock Ka / Sock A
Fitting: Normal / Wide / Narrow / Narrow double / Double wide / Narrow triple / Wide triple
Size: 21 - 27.5
Color and material: beige leather / tan satin / white leather / gold leather / silver leather / black leather / white satin / crepe-satin / leopard / flesh satin / beige printing brocade


168.36 $ The price of the most popular shoe option in average size.
The price of shoes depend of the size, fitting, materials, types of socks and soles.

To determine the price, choose according to your wishes.

Model 070 is the Aida company's bestseller. Many famous dancers dancing in this model. Some people known of the model as "Karina" in honor of one of the most famous stars of the dance sport - Karina Smirnoff (Karina Smirnoff), who currently lives in the United States and have participating in dance shows, as the star of the first magnitude. Pay attention to the possibility of making shoes with a wider area of the insole. See difference of this socks on picture. We call it "Anna" in honor of the two-time world champion and multiple champion of Russia Anna Firstova. We made first time this insole for Anna. We recommend this insole for wide fitting, but also quite a large number of women this insole good for normal fitting. We also have recently, enough orders on this insole for narrow fitting. Dear women, note how fit your foot in the shoe. If your feet not fit on a normal insole, we recommend "Anna". Your feet will fit more natural into the shoes. Your toes will not be damaged. The foot will be on the insole in a natural way, the balance will be better and it will be much easier for you to dance and showcase your quality of dancing.

Select the parameters of the model


  • Back E
  • Back T


  • Heel Flare 5сm (2'P)
  • Heel Flare 6,3см (2,5'P)
  • Heel Flare 6,3 сm (2,5'P)
  • Heel Flare 8,5cmP (3,2'P)
  • Heel 8,5cmPN(3,2'PN)
  • Heel Flare 9 сm (3,5'P)
  • Heel Flare New 5 cmPN (2,PN)
  • Heel Flare New 5,5 cm PN (5.5PN)
  • Heel Flare New 6,3смPN(2,5'PN)
  • Heel Slim 4 cm (1,6')
  • Heel Slim 5 см (2')
  • Heel Slim 6,3см(2,5')
  • Heel Slim 8см(3')
  • Heel Slim 8,5см(3,2')
  • Heel Slim 9см(3,5')


  • Sock Da
  • Sock An

070A model have more square sock. We recommend 070A for dancers who have no enough space on normal sole. Every wide fitting shoes we make on this sole. But a lot of dancers with normal or narrow fitting need this sock too. Designed for Anna Firstova, World champion.


  • Normal
  • Wide
  • Narrow
  • Narrow double
  • Wide double
  • Narrow triple
  • Wide triple


  • 21
  • 21.5
  • 22
  • 22.5
  • 23
  • 23.5
  • 24
  • 24.5
  • 25
  • 25.5
  • 26
  • 26.5
  • 27
  • 27.5

Color and material

  • Tan satin
  • Dark gold leather
  • Flesh satin
  • Gold leather
  • White satin
  • Crepe-satin
  • Leopard
  • Silver leather
  • Frosted bronze satin
  • White leather
  • Beige leather
  • Black leather

Black leather

Sole color

  • Usual
  • Black
  • Red
  • Blue

Normal color of under sole: For black color shoes - Black color of under sole; For Silver or White color shoes –Neutral color of under sole; For other colors shoes –Beige color of under sole.

    Price 6200 To determine the cost, specify all the model parameters